Are You Thankful for Twitter?

Cheesey, but true...
Cheesy, but true…

If you’re following me,
@kimberlyadaly, you might be. I’ve been posting #TDayTips to help you survive the big meal without gaining any big regrets! (Most Americans gain 1 to 2 lbs. over the holidays—and many aren’t able to drop them again in the New Year. Yikes!) Here’s a recap…

#TDayTips 1: Don’t “save room” for the big meal by skipping breakfast or lunch. You’ll be ravenous and eat way more than you should.

#TDayTips 2 Can you say Turkey Trot? Burn off calories before the big dinner to offset some of the extra goodies you’ll inevitably consume.

#TDayTips 3 If you’re heading to a potluck, offer to bring a skinny version of a classic dish (or a healthy new one!).

#TDayTips 4 Arrange smaller portions of your favorite foods on half your plate. Then fill the rest of it with salad and veggies.

#TDayTips 5 Up for seconds? Fill your water glass, start an “I’m thankful for” chat, and let the tummy register it’s full—it needs 20 mins!

#TDayTips 6 Go ahead, have pie! Pick your absolute fave from the dessert buffet, take a small slice & be mindful of every yummy bite.

[Sneak Peak] #TDayTips 7 Slow down & savor dinner (and the day!) by chewing more, talking often, and enjoying the good company.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! And to all a good meal!

Michael K. Farrell and I will be running the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot in San Jose, CA tomorrow morning—yippee! Stay tuned for a race recap next week!

Who’s got a Turkey Trot on tomorrow’s menu? Share in the comments below!